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MiniCampers are the beating heart of our Fun World of MiniCamp!

MiniCamp provides a FUN & nurturing life learning experience for our MiniCampers aging 4 to 14.

Our nurturing community will support our MiniCampers to thrive and develop independent life skills that can only be taught outside school walls yet in a safe environment.


MiniCampers will develop self-confidence, learn the importance of working together as a team, develop leadership skills, make good friends, learn and try new things, tap into their creativity, push their limits outside of their comfort zone, respect their surroundings, interact with others within a diverse environment, appreciate other people, share kindness, pay forward to our community, and most importantly… HAVE FUN!!


As campers grow and continue to return to MiniCamp year after year, they get to participate in activities they did not take part of in previous years.

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