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There’s no competing with our staff!

All the staff members at MiniCamp are known as GiantCampers.

They are nurturers and educators at heart!

GiantCampers are enthusiastic, creative, loving, hardworking, committed, active and FUN individuals.

They all share one common passion … their abundant love for kids!

MiniCamp is a tight-knit team of friends and family who are committed to enriching children’s lives.

GiantCampers are university students and school teachers, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years. They belong to our MiniCamp family and for this reason, many of them come back to MiniCamp year after year!

Our Giants speak at least two languages (Arabic / English / French)

We promise you that they will provide each of your kids with an amazing summer that will be a life-changing experience!

The process of recruiting and careful screening of 120 motivated Giants, allows us to put together a

“dream team” for MiniCamp – the best professional and caring staff for your kids.

After an intense screening process, our carefully recruited Giants undergo internal training and workshops during preparation stages prior to starting MiniCamp to ensure that

MiniCamp’s values are applied and its mission is fulfilled.

All selected Giants will be allocated into different age groups based on their nature and character. We aim to bring the best out of them in order to provide our MiniCampers with the ultimate camp experience.

GiantCampers create a sense of belonging and security to our MiniCampers. Their role is to always engage, excite, inspire and guide our MiniCampers by offering a safe space to try new things, push their limits and ignite their creativity!

Our Giants are AED and CPR certified.

Join our staff

Become a trusted older sibling, a mentor, and a guide - and you'll make a lasting impression on the Leaders of tomorrow.

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